World Maps

Frits olsen umbraworldmap web

The final world maps. Zenit and Nadir.

Frits olsen earthlock worldmap

The prototype concept for the world map. Here we envisioned the entire world for a potensial RPG franchise.

Frits olsen worldmap northzenit

We started focusing in on the Northern Zenit region for the first part of the game.

Frits olsen fom umbraworldmapold

The earliest concept for the world map. The world was centered around a giant desert in the shape of an eye, with islands scattered around it.

Frits olsen hogworld worldmap2

The Hogworld map I made to give us a feel for Gnart's journey from Lango Forest to the city. Gnart of course did not exactly follow the main road.

World Maps

Stylised world designs for Earthlock and Hogworld.