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Found some “lost” sketches from my Daylight Owl project back in 2008 (6 years ago!). It was about a world run by daylight owls and how a young one visits the three great cities of his civilization. This one is the City of the Coast.

My sketch for the unannounced project. Roal Amundsen and his bad-ass crew on the deck of Fram.

A sketch I did for an unannounced project via Fabelfjord, depicting Amundsen on the South Pole.

Really hard to find proper reference photos since most of the images from the South Pole is actually from the British Terra Nova expedition which was a failure and ended tragically. Amundsen won the polar race and survived the whole expedition. A true viking!

The composition was challenging since it’s really just a completely flat white plane with a little tent with the Norwegian flag. So I used the characters to create a mode interesting composition and put the focus on Amundsen.

Studying references I later found out that Amundsen got white hair at a really early age, probably because all his intense expeditions, so I should probably have drawn him more like an old man hair-wise. 



We have been hard at work making the new official website for our new game Earthlock. I wanted to make it super visual and enticing to go through. The hardest part was probably boiling down the game to a few short paragraphs, but it feels great to see the project explained in such clarity. You can also do an early pre-order via the new store to support the development.

Some more stuff for unannounced book project.

I love drawing creepy forests!


Visit my newly reset and cleaned up Cargo gallery to see a bit more. Will add new stuff when I feel like it.  

Announcing the Charm attack! With a bit of harvesting expertise you’ll get access to the Kitten Tree in Earthlock.

The same image in SNES resolution. Still looks pretty good!

So the retro battle illustration for the Earthlock campaign is pretty much done. Might do add some menu elements. 

The Earthlock campaign is doing really well after we got a feature on RPS

Settings for pixelation!

Working on a new retro illustration for Earthlock with proper SNES Squaresoft style characters.

When I’m done I will pixelate each character to emulate the look of 16 bit sprites. An easy way to do this properly is to simply scale the sprite using Photoshop's resampling option “Nearest Neightbor (hard edges)" in Image Size or set the Image Interpolation to the same option in the General Preferences. It’s a great way to see how your character reads with only a few pixels!

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The final version. The author wanted a dramatic sunset.

I’m currently illustrating a really nice children’s book story.

Still experimenting with colors and designs so this is work in progress.

New poster design for Earthlock!


This one took a while since the designs of the characters were not final. I wanted to give it an earthly look and a nice slightly somber atmosphere. I also added a comedic element to reflect the game’s over-the-top nature. 

This is an exclusive design for the Earthlock Kickstarter campaign, so head on over if you want a physical copy!

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